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Welcome, weary traveler. I see that you have made your way to my humble abode. I'm glad you stopped by. I have a lot of information here for you - everything from stories to tools that the serious Road Tripper must have. Please stay a while and check everything out!

Road Trip Philosophy:

Road Trip is not merely something which college students do on weekends to alleviate the stress and boredom of college life. Road Trip is a way of life, a way of viewing the world around you, and a way of asserting your most basic and important freedom - the freedom of choice. Road Trip is NOT about staying in nice hotels, eating fancy meals, and spending lots of money. Road Trip is about letting your soul fly free on a jet stream of steel and concrete, experiencing raw adventure on the open road, living and driving by the seat of your pants, casting all cares and responsibilities to the wind, and submerging yourself in the exhilaration of life.

If you've ever heard about some interesting place, immediately opened an atlas, and began plotting the fastest route and estimated driving time to this place, then you are on your way to truly understanding Road Trip nature. If you've ever woken up at noon, mildly hung over from the previous night, looked at the lunch menu in your dorm, then thrown 20 CDs in your car and left for some far away destination such as the Rocky Mountains, then you are a true Road Trip disciple.

The Experience:

It begins as a need for change, a dissatisfaction with the status quo. A distant feeling that you're not really living life as it should be lived, a desire to "suck the marrow out of life," to experience as much as you can. You feel the urge for excitement and adventure, a restlessness brought on by countless homework assignments and boring lectures delivered by terrible teachers. A seed of thought grows in your mind: where should I go? So you decide, quickly plot a route and estimate driving time, throw some crap in your car and head out. Hours of driving follow, listening to music, CDs which slip by with amazing speed. Gas stations and truck stops fill your vision, and the taste of a thousand Shitty Burritos and Cokes lurks in your mouth. Sleeping in the car when necessary, but relentlessly pushing on as soon as you can, you push back the limits of your horizon, broadening your world until finally you reach your destination. Usually you only have a few short hours or maybe a day or two at your destination, packing your experience there with as much activity as you can, until it's time to get back on the road and to the drudgery of everyday life. But the refreshment that you strangely get from the sometimes grueling activity of Road Tripping is enough to keep you satisfied for quite a while, until the need surfaces once more. As in life, the destination of a Road Trip is not always as important as the Journey.

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