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One of the most important aspects of Road Tripping is to choose and maintain a good, reliable car for your adventures. It's also very important to have a comfortable car, since you'll be driving long distances, and if you're like me, sleeping in the car. Usually bucket seats that can be reclined are the best, as you can just kick the seat back and sleep forever. Gas mileage is also an important factor, since its necessary to work with a budget on long trips. Personally, I prefer the Chrysler 2.2L turbo cars, because they are fairly easy to work on, have good power for passing and city driving, are very comfortable, have nice features like drink holders and electric mirrors, and get pretty good gas mileage. Alas, my poor Shadow felt its final stages of life on a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park during the fall of 1996. So during the Christmas break of 1996, I reworked the transmission and completely rebuilt the engine. Now my car is extremely reliable and fun to drive. You don't have to know the inner workings of the engine in order to Road Trip, but it's important to have a good knowledge of basic maintenance procedures, such as changing the lights, oil, etc. It's also helpful to have a good understanding of the engine in order to troubleshoot common problems when you're 1000 miles from home.

I keep a lot of stuff in my car for Road Trips, and any serious Road Tripper should keep most of these items in his/her car:

This may look like a lot of stuff, but it really doesn't take up much space.

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