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NeonJax3D Screen Saver Readme

Electronic Documentation for NeonJax3D Screen Saver
(Full SDK Version)

Version 1.0

July 9th, 2002

Copyright (c) 2002 by Richard Goedeken

A product of Fascination Software Co.

Legal Stuff:

This software (NeonJax3D SDK Version 1.0) is copyrighted software. I give you (the LICENSEE) permission to freely copy and distribute this software in any manner to anyone (the RECIPIENTS) as long as the following two conditions are met:

  1. The LICENSEE may not charge the RECIPIENTS more than us$1 over and above the media and duplication costs for copies of this software.
  2. Any copies made by the LICENSEE must retain all of the original files and the original file structure from the ZIP file distributed by Fascination Software. (

Fascination Software, and Richard Goedeken, are not in any way liable for any damages incurred by the use of this software. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of this software.


This Readme.txt file contains information about the files included in the distribution. This distribution of NeonJax3D includes the screen saver and all the tools necessary to create your own 3D demos. Fascination Software also has a free NeonJax3D Screen Saver-only version, which is available for download at the website.

Please verify that the following files were included in the file:

Readme.txtthis is the file that you are reading
   J3DComp.exeNeonJax3D World Compiler
   J3DComp.txtDocumentation for NeonJax3D World Compiler
   nuclear.gifSample image from the web
   Nuclear1-4.bmpIncreasingly processed images
   Nuclear.txtOutput Path data
   Nuclear-Path-Create.batBatch file for creating Path output file
   PathFind.exeNeonJax3D Path Crawler
   PathFind.txtDocumentation for NeonJax3D Path Crawler
   DX3\NeonJax3D.scrDirectX 3 version of NeonJax3D
   DX3\NeonJax3D_DX3.txtDocumentation for DX3 NeonJax3D
   DX7\NeonJax3D.scrDirectX 7 version of NeonJax3D
   DX7\NeonJax3D_DX7.txtDocumentation for DX7 NeonJax3D
   Example_1-5.j3dBinary output J3D Scene files (These may be viewed with the NeonJax3D screen saver)
   Example_1-5.txtText NeonJax3D Scene source files
   Example_1-5_Compile.batBatch files for compiling and testing the examples
   TheScenes.txtDocumentation for the Scene files
   Torus3D.basQuickBasic 5.1 program for creating the 3D structure of a doughnut

The user may create 3D demos by writing a text description of the 3-D scene in a simple C-like language created for NeonJax3D. There are 5 examples provided which collectively demonstrate all of the features of the NeonJax3D engine. Users may take objects from the examples given or create their own objects for their demos. The NeonJax3D World Compiler is used to validate and translate these Scene Description Files into binary J3D files. The NeonJax3D screen saver can load and display the 3D demos from the binary J3D files.

The "Compiler\" directory contains the NeonJax3D World Compiler executable and documentation. Refer to the NeonJax3D World Compiler Manual for more information.

The "PathFind\" directory contains a special NeonJax3D Path Crawler which is a tiny assembly language program that can read BMP images and create a special text description of all the curves found. The output of this program can be cut and pasted into a Scene Description File and used in the "Hollywood Marquee" effect for the object which is composed of 1,000 Points of Light. Refer to the NeonJax3D Path Crawler Manual for more information.

The "Saver\" directory contains the actual NeonJax3D screen saver. There are two versions included: one for DirectX 3, and one for DirectX 7.The DirectX 3 version of NeonJax3D is for users of Windows NT 4.0. Users of all other operating systems (Windows 95/98/Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP) should use the DirectX 7 version. The only feature missing from NeonJax3D in the DX3 version is the ability to view the 3D demo in simulated three-dimensional mode with 3D LCD goggles. Using the DX7 version of NeonJax3D and an Nvidia-based video card with compatible LCD goggles such as the ELSA 3D Revelator (TM) glasses, the user may activate the Stereo 3D mode from the NeonJax3D settings and view the 3D demo in true 3D. Further instructions regarding this function are available in the NeonJax3D Direct X 3 Screen Saver and NeonJax3D Direct X 7 Screen Saver manuals.

The "Worlds\" directory contains the example Scene Description Files, the example binary J3D output files, and the batch files used to compile and test the examples. Also in this directory is the "TheScenes.txt" file which offers descriptions of each of the 3D examples and instructions for modifying and testing them. Finally the text file "Torus3D.bas" is also included. This file is a QuickBasic 5.1 (TM) program which was used to generate the 3-D data for the doughnut objects in Example #5. It may be modified and used to generate 3D data for other objects. Refer to the NeonJax3D Example Scene Manual for information on creating your own Scenes.


Windows NT/2000/XP:
Copy the NeonJax3D.scr file to "C:\Winnt". (This is called your Windows Root Directory)

Windows 95/98/ME:
Copy the NeonJax3D.scr file to "C:\Windows". (This is called your Windows Root Directory)

When you have the correct NeonJax3D.scr file in the Windows Root Directory, right-click the Windows desktop and select "Properties" from the drop-down context list. Select the "Screen Saver" tab at the top of the window that appears, then pull down the drop-down list and select "NeonJax3D" from the list of screen savers. You may now press "OK" to close this window, or you may press the "Settings" button to further customize NeonJax3D.

All of the other tools and batch files included with this distribution should run from their current location on your hard drive (the directory to which WinZip extracted the "" archive). They do not need to be moved or set up. Further instructions regarding the installation and use of NeonJax3D are available in the NeonJax3D Direct X 3 Screen Saver and NeonJax3D Direct X 7 Screen Saver manuals.

A complete specification for the NeonJax3D Scene Source File format is available in the NeonJax3D World Compiler Manual.


Windows NT/2000/XP:

    Remove the following files:
  • C:\WINNT\NeonJax3D.scr
  • C:\WINNT\NeonJax3DState.dat
  • C:\WINNT\*.j3d

Windows 95/98/ME:

    Remove the following files:
  • C:\Windows\NeonJax3D.scr
  • C:\Windows\NeonJax3DState.dat
  • C:\Windows\*.j3d


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