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The idea for Invasion 3D came during the summer of 2004, when I was working in New Jersey. I had been playing a lot of old arcade games on the MAME arcade emulator. I had fun playing the original Taito Space Invaders game, but I was frustrated with the inability to shoot more than a single bullet at once with this game. I decided it would be fun to play a modern, 3-D version of Space Invaders with some serious weapons which would allow for massive alien destruction, as it should be. At first I thought of using my Jax3D engine to render this game, but in the end I decided to learn something new and use OpenGL. I got started by looking at NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials and wrote this game in my spare time during April and May of 2005.

    Invasion 3D Features:
  • Realistic physics simulation
  • Challenging and fun gameplay
  • Stunning visual effects
  • Multiple weapons
  • Massive Destruction
  • Hidden bonuses
  • 20 Waves with over 2,000 invaders
  • Both Windows and Linux versions
  • Free to Distribute to Anyone!


System Requirements
Invasion3D requires a minimum configuration of:
  • Intel or compatible Pentium III or better CPU with SSE support
  • Windows or Linux
  • OpenGL Video card support

The following libraries are required for the Linux version of Invasion 3D:

There are five current packages for Invasion 3D - two for Windows and three for Linux. Click on a link below to download Invasion 3D!

Invasion 3D - Windows Installer v1.0.3

Invasion 3D - Windows Zip v1.0.3

Invasion 3D - Linux 32-bit v1.0.4a

Invasion 3D - Linux 64-bit v1.0.4a

Invasion 3D - 32-bit Slackware package, courtesy of Tim Dickson

Invasion 3D - 64-bit Slackware package, courtesy of Tim Dickson

SDL License
Both the Linux and Windows versions of Invasion 3D are dynamically linked with the Simple DirectMedia Layer library, which is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL, available at In compliance with this license, you may download the source code to the SDL 1.2.8 library from Fascination Software here, and you may view a copy of the LGPL license here.

If you can read this webpage, you won't have any trouble understanding how to play Invasion 3D! Upon running the Invasion3D program, a short introduction will appear followed by the main screen. At this screen, press the F3 key to set up the keyboard and joystick controls and the screen mode. Press the F2 key to begin playing. The default keyboard controls are:
  • Arrow Keys - move Laser Base up, down, left, or right
  • Space bar - shoot
  • Left Alt - shield
  • 1 - Switch weapons to Laser
  • 2 - Switch weapons to Machine Gun
  • 3 - Switch weapons to Dual Machine Gun
  • 4 - Switch weapons to Cannon

Offensive tactics:
The Laser weapon fires and moves slowly but never runs out of ammunition. The machine guns and cannon have limited ammunition which may be replenished by earning Bonuses, which are given for destroying UFOs, hitting an entire column of invaders with a cannonball (a strike), hitting multiple (10, 20, 30, etc) shots consecutively, and other skillful actions. Watch the 'news ticker' on the bottom of the screen for bonus notifications.

Defensive tactics:
The LaserBase has a shield which is an effective defense against the invaders' weapons. However the shield may only be used for about a second and a half before its energy is depleted. When not in use, the shield energy will slowly replenish. Some invaders will flip over and dash at the Laser Base in a Kamikaze move, and they cannot be destroyed. The player's only defense against this attack is to move out of the way.

Click above to send an email to Fascination Software about Invasion 3D. Comments and questions are welcome.

Thanks to Ray Larabie for his free fonts!

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