1G DSM Datalogger Cable

1G DSM Datalogger Cable Parts List

Part                Quantity    Supplier      Part Number
project box & PCB   1           Radio Shack   270-283
DS14C232 transcvr   1           Digi-key      DS14C232CN-ND
2N3904 transistor   1           Digi-key      2N3904FS-ND
78L05ACN regulator  1           Digi-key      296-1365-ND
1uf 50v capacitor   6           Digi-key      P5174-ND
1N5818 diode        1           Digi-key      1N5818DITR-ND
DB9 female          1           Digi-key      209F-ND
backshells          1           Digi-key      993-09MP45-ND
male quick-disc.    1           Digi-key      94805-01-ND
female quick-disc.  3           Digi-key      WM18260-ND
4-cond wire 22AWG   10ft        Digi-key      W122-100-ND
grommet             2           Digi-key      RP453-ND
10k ohm resistors   2

The following tools are required: soldering iron, desoldering pump (if you make a mistake), screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, drill, and a heat gun.

There are some other materials which may be necessary to build this cable, including: heat-shrink tubing, solder, flux, flux remover, small jumper wire. If you also chose to socket the 14C232 IC, a 16-pin DIP socket will be necessary.


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